Swarming Bees - Honey Bee Removal Service

We are bee keepers,  helping honey bees survive in these difficult times.

If you find swarming honey bees in Talbot County, Queen Anne's County or Caroline County Maryland, we will  come out and capture the swarm - and give the bees a happy and safe new home.

Please look carefully at the pictures above - Honey Bees are brownish and orange-ish colored - if your insects are black and yellow, they are probably wasps - we cannot help with wasp nests. Be very careful around wasps!

Honey bee swarms are very seldom threatening or dangerous. When honey bees swarm, they are focused on finding a site where they can make a home for their colony. When approaching a swarm, move slowly, and pay attention to the bee activity. If the bees start to fly up to you, you need to back off - slowly.

We also have extensive experience removing honey bee hives from houses and other structures.  Please contact us at 410-279-9896 or 410-703-2963, or email us if you need to have honey bees removed - there is no charge for swarm removal.

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Thanks,  Anna and Paul Wysocki



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